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Here we like to help our students to achieve  there goal of obtaining a full driving licence.

Customer success is our mission, read our customer reviews on our main website.


Stephen Paraskeva Driving School Owner


 Learning to drive should be stress free and fun, your driving lessons should have a structure to them to ensure full value for money and timely success . Everyone wants to pass their driving test at the first attempt and I am sure you are no exception, so we have put together 8 simple steps to ensure you pass first time.


8 simple steps to passing first time.


No 1. Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons.

Consistency will really help you to retain the information that you have learned in each lesson, as will having a two hour lesson. At the start of the lesson you should recap what you learnt in the last lesson, then you should set your goals for today. At the end of the session your instructor should then check your knowledge of what you have just learnt. 1 hour lessons are not the best way to get value for money.

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NO.2. Be Prepared For Your Driving Lessons 

You are paying for the lessons, so be up early and get ready. Have something to eat, this will help with your concentration. There is no point walking out the door and looking like you just crawled out of bed, also get a good nights sleep before your lesson.

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No 3. The Lessons Objective.

Your instructor must help you set the subject for the lesson, there is no point driving around aimlessly. It is very important that you have a clear goal for each session, so you know what you are working towards to achieve your goal each lesson.

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No 4. Each Driving Lesson should always begin with a recap of your previous lesson.

This is a very important part of each  lesson, if your instructor is not asking you questions about what you know then something is wrong. Your practical driving will suffer, if there is any lack in the theory side of your driving knowledge.

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NO 5. Your driving Lessons should have a  structure and you should be encouraged to develop your driving skills.

Each lesson should have a structured to them, as the lessons become more difficult the transfer of responsibility should go more to the student. This is to prepare the student to be more independent, so that when they pass they will be able to drive on there own.

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NO 6. Summary of Your driving Lesson.

When the lesson finishes you should spend some time going over what you have learnt, this will help with you remembering the information and help you to retain it.


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NO 7. Self Evaluate, Be Confident and be Ready.

Many students arrive at their driving test very nervous, this could be down to not feeling confident. If you have put in the practice before and have a good standard of driving then you will be prepared for your test. If this is the case then the nerves should ease off as you get into the test. If you instructor thinks you are not ready then take their advice and postpone it, it would be better to go for your test with a higher level of skill for the test, so you have a little room for error.



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NO 8. Listen to the Advice of Your Driving Instructor. 

Not all driving instructors in Bath are the same, but at Accelerate Bath Driving School customer success is our main aim. We have a high first time pass rate, this is because of the structure that we use. We also use a client centre approach to all lessons, this is to help the student to learn to think on there own, which will make them a safer driver when they do pass.


Customer Reviews tend to give an honest and true account of the customer experience.

So we were delighted to receive this review from Polly Netto a Teacher in Bath.

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“I was really nervous when I first started my driving lessons, but Steve made me feel comfortable and more confident as the lessons progressed. Steve was very patient and gave me clear instructions, he pushed me and challenged me just enough. His use of coaching and questioning made me learn quicker. Steve was everything you would want in a driving instructor, especially if you are nervous. I would recommend Accelerate Bath Driving School to everyone”.


30% of learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructor before going for their practical driving test.

I have to say, this is a very disturbing statistic and does not present the industry in a very good light. Are you having driving lessons and feel as though you are simply not making progress and feeling frustrated? If you are one of the 30% of learner drivers, then why not give us a call and see if we can get you to test standard a lot quicker.

Give Steve a call to discuss your requirements 01225 683123  Accelerate Bath Driving School



          Here we like to help our students to achieve  there goal of obtaining a full driving licence. Customer success is our mission, read our customer reviews on our main website.

Driving Lessons Bath

Driving Lessons Bath